Mumford Sole is currently

growing our cadre of coaches


We look after our coaches well and we have lots of interesting assignments happening throughout the year. We coach all the way from the C-suite to 5 to 7 levels below the C-suite so we have assignments for coaches with different levels of experience. 

We’re happy to work with you to develop your coaching career and we can offer opportunities and exposure that are hard to find.

We supply excellent and up-to-date tools, models, frameworks to equip you for your assignments and keep you fresh and current. We also give our coaches full administrative support, and a complete pack of fully branded and high quality materials.

This year we will be holding our first conference for Mumford Sole coaches. We will be unveiling our latest research and thinking from our recent programs, as well as encouraging sharing of best practices. We’ll be looking at what’s changing in the coaching world from a commercial and market facing perspective. We’ll also be providing a wonderful and safe environment to network and to experiment with new toolsets and coaching approaches. 

If you’re interested in joining our Mumford Sole coaching team please let us know. We always like to hear from executive coaches, life coaches, NLP practitioners (particularly those who’ve practiced in a corporate setting), health coaches, holistic and nutrition coaches, career coaches, sports coaches, high achievers in the sports, arts and business fields and other interesting coaching areas.


For executive coaching


We’re very particular about our coaches. We look for coaches who are certified from a good program (we particularly like Columbia, Fordham and Georgetown, but we do consider others too).

We love coaches with a strong and credible business, consulting or academic background prior to their coaching career.

We prefer our coaches to have 3-5 years of coaching experiences as a minimum. A strong background and relevant experience set can offset this.

We like to contribute back to the coaching community and we run programs for part-qualified coaches every year. If you are part qualified and looking for practicum hours, please contact us and we’ll let you know more about our program.

Please email for more information.